about the author

Wow, I sound so fancy being called “author.” That’s funny because I’m not fancy at all.

Anyway, I’m Shawn. I’m a college student down South, hoping to be an educator for middle school students. I’m incredibly loyal, and too optimistic for my own good. I put my whole heart into any relationship I’m in, and so far it’s always back fired on me.

Like any other Southern girl, I love to hunt, fish, four wheel, backroad, and do anything else outdoors. I love to paint and throw clay on a pottery wheel, and have a huge appreciation for abstract paintings.

In my spare time I usually nap, watch friends, or hit the backroads.

I hope everybody who finds this site gets something beneficial out of it. I’ve realized a lot just from typing down all my thoughts, then rereading it all months later.

If you ever feel like you need someone to talk to, email me. I check it all the time! I’ll try to help your situation the best I can.